About us


Marieliz is an intuitive energy healer with a mastery of acupuncture, massage, chi energy healing, microcurrent therapy, embodied awareness and meditation.

Her profound understanding of the interconnected nature of the mind, emotions, body and spirit allows her spontaneously sense (intuit) what a client needs when they walk into her room.

She will then use the many modalities at her command to achieve the energetic harmony required to establish optimal health, emotional balance and beauty for her client.

Whether you are there to for a natural beauty treatment, an inner beauty session or a revitalizing acupuncture treatment, she will penetrate to the core of your being to identify and release the root causes of distress and regenerate those systems that are affected.

Marieliz’s treatments leave you feeling lighter, rejuvenated and centered with a deep sense of wellbeing. Marieliz is the best-kept healing secret in New York City.


The philosophy and practice of Natural Beauty is grounded in the obvious. That everything in nature, including every human being, is innately beautiful. If we observe nature, we see that this beauty is sustainable and ever refreshing itself. The only challenge to this sustainability that we know of is the unconscious interference of our conditioned mind, which hurts the environment and ourselves. When Man consciously cooperates with nature, the garden blooms ever brighter.

It is the same with the aesthetics of personal appearance. The unconscious interference with our body’s ability to maintain itself causes us to age more rapidly. The sources of interference are many. They are in and outside of us and we often are not able to do much about them. But what we can do is cooperate. We can cooperate with and support the intelligent healing energetic systems that maintain our body. This is what natural medicine has done forever for health, and this is what Natural Beauty will do for your appearance today. When we are young, naturally we have plenty of vital energy circulating in our face and body. This energy starts declining as we age.

At MU Natural Beauty we introduced micro-current to suffuse the body with vital energy so that it can regenerate and rejuvenate the cells.

What We Do

At Marieliz Unwin Natural Beauty we do three things at a world-class level.

The Benefits of Natural Beauty treatments and products:

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