About Micro-current treatment


“In our hands, the instruments are extensions of our intuition. Our understanding of how the body regenerates vital energy is essential to the transcendent results.”

MU Natural Beauty Micro-Current Treatment is painless, meditative, and deeply relaxing, experienced in a healing ambiance. As tiny painless bursts of electric current are delivered along the hidden channels of the body, cells light up, communicate, detoxify, and regenerate. ATP is the life force of a cell. Every micro current treatment multiplies ATP by five hundred as it increases elastin, collagen, and circulation. As the electro-magnetic circulatory system of the body is nourished at the cellular level, the skin regains its vibrancy, the muscles regain their tone, the connective tissues regain their fluidity, and youthful facial structure is restored.

Holistic Non Invasive Facelift

Our holistic non-invasive facelift is currently the highest standard in the health and beauty industry. We define holistic as preventative, non-toxic, and not detrimental to the health of the client. Non-invasive means that the skin is never penetrated, never cut, no foreign substance is inserted, and no tissue is removed. The integrity of the body is respected and nothing disturbs its energetic harmony.

A holistic perspective understands that healing and regeneration are innate and natural processes of the body. Whenever a process has been atrophied or inhibited, our first step is to stimulate the energy of the affected system in order to activate its innate healing. All holistic healing arts are based on this understanding of cooperating with the innate healing energetic intelligence of the body, be it acupuncture, massage therapy, or homeopathic and herbal medicine.

How Micro-Current Works

Micro-current technology is another form of energetic stimulation. Working with the body’s own bioelectrical system, micro-current stimulates the cells to repair the tissues, and literally rebuild the muscles to their optimal form and strength. The current is sub-sensory, meaning the sensation, if felt at all, is mild and pleasant.

Micro-current therapy works as if it were acupuncture, exercise, and massage in one. In expert hands, it replaces surgery, resurfacing, and injections. The subtle energies of ultrasound and photo-stimulation detoxify, exfoliate, and help with deep wrinkles and inflammation.

The Treatment Program

The amount of time and number of treatments needed to restore the face to its optimal tone, and skin to its optimal radiance, depend on its initial state. A complete facelift program is always far less costly than a surgical facelift. Progress comes in increments but is discernible immediately; with each treatment, progress is made and can be seen. Because results are cumulative, a temporary break will not mean losing ground.

Every face is as unique and the number, frequency, and duration of treatments recommended depends on a number of factors, including genes, health, and lifestyle. However, some approximate guidelines can be given.

Generally speaking, sessions should last one hour for clients under 50, and from one to one and a half hours for clients over 50.