Non-Invasive Facelift and Facial Rejuvenation treatments


Micro-current facials are highly effective, whether for a complete
facelift or a rapid pick-me-up. Natural Beauty micro-current facials
restore youthful tone and musculature, and restores the skin to a luminous appearance. You relax in a comfortable position while the aesthetician,
schooled and attuned to principles of Chi, directs the sub-sensory
current to reawaken and restore natural vitality. Cells are replenished
from within and return to their optimal functioning so that lines,
wrinkles, and sagging disappear.

Prevention is the wisest approach for authentic anti aging.
I recommend that you start taking care of your face before
it begins to show signs of aging. My clients who started early and are
now in their fifties have no wrinkles and no sagging. They look and feel
younger than they actually are.

The subtle energies of ultrasound and photo-stimulation
soothe inflammation, remove toxins and dead skin, and smooth out deep
wrinkles. Toxicity and poor absorption of nutrients due to impure
beauty products are a primary cause of accelerated aging. For this
reason all our skincare and nutrient rich products are 100% natural or
organic. Initial treatments restore the contours of the face and give
the skin a new glow. Subsequent periodic treatments maintain what has
been achieved.

Natural Beauty Facelift:
The areas of the face included in each treatment:

Depending on where you are in the treatment cycle, we can focus on specific areas of the face that require extra attention.
The steps below are included in every face treatment.

Marieliz’s freshly prepared restorative balm is used to get rid of wrinkles and dark spots, leaving the skin plump, smooth and even toned.